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Since almost two centuries

CR DISTRIBUTION is a supplier of agricultural inputs and services located near Bordeaux. Exclusively dedicated to professionals, our offer is based on proximity and professionalism.

As a famous player in the agricultural sector, CR DISTRIBUTION is active in the field of plastic films (wrapping, mulching, breeding nets, strings…), vegetal trellising (staples, ties etc.), phytosanitary products, biocontrol products as well as biostimulants.

Since 2019, CR DISTRIBUTION has been offering training courses (Certiphyto, agronomic knowledge etc.) and personalized support towards certifications (HVE certification, organic farming, etc.) to farmers and all players in the agricultural sector.

Everyday CR DISTRIBUTION contributes with farmers, cooperatives, and retailers, to the development of a sustainable and efficient agriculture.

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Plastic films serving high-performance agriculture

Our plastic films
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A wide range of products suitable for organic agriculture

Biostimulants VITALTeR ®

Products for every types of crops :

vine & fruit and forest arboriculture

Vegetal trellising
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70 years of expertise serving plants

Plant protection

VITALTeR ®: solutions de biocontrôle et de biostimulation

Today and tomorrow’s products

Les produits VITALTeR ®, engrais, biostimulants et biocontrôle, sont basés sur des molécules naturelles, extraits de plantes et/ou éléments minéraux. Adaptés à toutes les cultures (arboriculture, horticulture, maraichage, viticulture, céréales, agroécologie, plein champ, sous serre, etc.), nos solutions sont validées techniquement par de la recherche et des essais depuis presque 15 ans.

La gamme VITALTeR ® s'intègre dans les programmes de fertilisation et protection des cultures pour combiner performances agronomiques, environnementales et économiques. Notre offre propose des produits utilisables en agriculture biologique et/ou biodynamique.

Biostimulants and biocontrol products, new categories of agricultural inputs, are part of the current and future levers to support changes in agriculture.

VITALTeR ® Biostim' : meilleure gestion des stress abiotiques

Composed of substances and/or micro-organisms, biostimulants act on naturel processes such as improving the absorption and efficiency of nutrients. Biostimulants can also improve the management of stress (water, heat…) and thus contribute to the good development of quality and quantity yields.

See the definition of the website : biostimulants.eu.

VITALTeR ® Biocontrol' : meilleure gestion des stress biotiques

Biocontrol products consist to all plant protection methods that use natural mechanisms.
The Ministry of Agriculture defines biocontrol as: “a set of plant protection methods based on the use of natural mechanisms. Alone or combined with other tools of plant protection, these techniques are based on the mechanisms and interactions that regulate the relationships between species in the natural environment. In this way, the principle of biocontrol is based on the management of the balance of aggressor populations rather than eradication. (…)They include in particular:

  • Macro-organisms.
  • Phytopharmaceutical products which are composed of micro-organisms, chemical mediators such as pheromones and kairomones, or natural substances of plant, animal, or mineral origin.

As a specialist in crop protection, CR DISTRIBUTION also develops biocontrol products.

Link to the Ministry’s website .